30 Facts…

Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself.

1) I have lived in 18 different zip codes (in 7 states).

2) I have worked for my current employer for just under 3 years, making it the longest I have stayed with one employer in my life. I’m antsy.

3) I had dreadlocks for 7 years. I cut them off but I keep them in a bag. When I die, I’ll have one sent to each of my friends.

4) Based on fact #3, I do believe I’m the creepiest person I know.

5) I don’t own a comb. The dreadlocks have returned.

6) I was bit in the face by a cocker spaniel when I was four. Despite that, I absolutely love dogs. And face scars.

7) I have a ‘thing’ for lisps and butt chins.

8) I broke both my arms when I was four.

9) I wasn’t potty trained until I was four.

10) Age 4 may have been my most eventful year.

11) Brown is my favorite color.

12) I’m obsessed with natural disasters. Earthquakes and tsunamis being my favorite.

13) I don’t shave.

14) I can do the splits in both directions.

15) I’ve kept a dog alive for 12 years.

16) My name is spelled with an ‘ie’.

17) I ran 50 miles once.

18) I have plates in my jaws from corrective surgery.

19) I don’t have tonsils.

20) I only had 3 wisdom teeth.

21) I’m not having kids.

22) I love pickled food.

23) I have a master’s degree in occupational therapy.

24) I lost 7 toenails once. They have since grown back.

25) I’m allergic to poison oak.

26) I love beer and whiskey. Sometimes together.

27) My favorite distance to race is 50k.

28) I don’t really care for fruit. But I love all vegetables.

29) I want to live abroad.

30) I have way more questions than I do answers.

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