My day…

Day 15: Bullet-point your whole day.

Ha ha ha! Ok… so these are the bullet points between checking people in or demobing people from this fire… here goes…

0530- Alarm. Hit snooze.

0535- Alarm. Hit snooze.

0540- Alarm. Hit snooze.

0545- Alarm. Mutter “fuck” to myself. Turn off alarm. Turn on headlamp. Locate pile of clean clothes. Don clean clothes. Walk from tent to “office” which is a building at the rodeo grounds.

0600- Brush teeth outside because the sight of the sinks makes me gag. (Wo)Man the status check-in table with a friendly looking face even though I’m really not ready to talk to anyone. I’m not a morning person.

0730- Finally get coffee. The day is getting better. Back to check-in.

0900- Write letter to my dog. Hopefully someone will read it to him.

1024- Text Doug a picture of the gourd I got for him. He seems super stoked.

1030- Receive message from unknown number on work cell. Panic once I realize unknown number is “sexting” me. Delete.

1130- Walk over to get veggie lunches. Eat the candy bar from the veggie lunch and give the rest away. After nearly 2 months of camp food, eating isn’t that enjoyable anymore. Drink more coffee.

1200- No one has checked in in hours. Online shop for camping gear that I can only dream of using right now. Maybe in a couple weekends…

1300- Somebody arrives. I ask if they are here to check in. They reply with, “I’ve been reassigned to another fire.” Damnit.

1400- Need fresh air. Take a quick walk around the rodeo grounds.

1403- Horse selfies. Feeling satisfied, head back to check-in.

1425- Make a list of potential careers. These include 3-on-3 Olympic basketball team member, dog walker/spooner, and funeral party planner.

1520- The Internet goes down. Everyone talks about the lack of Internet until the problem is resolved at least 47 minutes later.

1524- Make a “Happy Hour” drink in a red solo cup. It’s cranberry cocktail and pineapple juice. Text Doug a picture of it to cheers him. He sends a non-virgin drink pic back. Immediately jealous. And thirsty.

1825- Dinner. Take veggie option because pork chops don’t sound good. Sit with DNR Region Manager. Talk about death the whole time. First impressions are totally my thing.

1900- Regret dinner conversation.

2037- Attempt to get some information for a medic. Expanded doesn’t answer their phone. End up informing him that the Pony Express only ran for 18 months. He Googles it because I’m not a reliable source. Turns out, I’m right.

2105- Drink a bunch of water because I realize I haven’t drank enough today.

2120- Crawl into tent. Don long underwear. Put lavender mustache on.

2207- Really have to pee. Too lazy (and cold) to get out of sleeping bag though.

Only… 7 more days of this routine.

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