Words of Wisdom…

Day 9: Share some words of wisdom that speak to you.

‘Doing epic shit does not require toenails!’ –Carl Lovgren, Ultrarunner

Carl shared these words with me after I lost 7 toenails following my first (and thus far, only) 50-miler.

I’m a master at justification.

– ‘I can’t go running because I don’t have any toenails.’

– ‘It’s raining out, I should probably just Netflix and chill (by myself).’

– ‘The dog is limpy today so I should express sympathy-pain with him as to not have him feel left out.’

I haven’t exercised in approximately 6 weeks due to fire assignments. Or at least that’s how I’ve justified it.

I’ll be done with fire next weekend and, taking Carl’s words to heart, I will get back to running. No more excuses. #Seattle2017

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