Day 4: Write about someone that inspires you.

This guy. He’s everything that I want to be but am not. Yet.

He is completely comfortable with himself. I constantly worry about what people think- it’s exhausting. But this guy is inspiring me to care about that a little less.

He does what he wants. I rarely ever make decisions on what I want, rather it’s what other people want or because it’s financially beneficial. But this guy stresses it’s important to be happy and in order to do so, you’ve got to live life for you.

He rocks a visor. That makes me cool just by association.

He is not the least bit judgemental. I’m totally judgemental. And I hate it. But… this guy’s helping me to be more accepting.

He goes with the flow. I’m a fucking uptight worrier. I worry about everything. I spend so much energy stressing out about things I have absolutely no control over. He’s helping me loosen up a bit.


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