10 Things…

I’m going to do a 30-day writing challenge this month.

Day 1: 10 Things That Make You Happy

1) Traveling. Seeing new places, meeting new people, eating new foods. I need this right now. I have been feeling very ‘stuck’ this year.

2) Dogs. All the dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, furry dogs, bare dogs. Missing my dog while on my 3rd fire assignment for the season.

3) Coffee. It’s like a big fucking hug in the morning.

4) Feeling appreciated.

5) Vinegar. It’s pretty much my favorite food. Pickled/fermented goodness. Yes!

6) The Packers. I mean, sure, sometimes they make me really unhappy but in the end, they’re never gonna leave me!

7) Extravertedness. Being around people. Even if I don’t know them or talk to them, I still feel comforted by being near them.

8) The PNW. Volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains, coastlines, the threat of a 9.0 megaquake! Yes, please!

9) Giving blood/platelets.

10) The sun. I need that vitamin D!

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