Some people post photos of themselves doing yoga in some picturesque nature scene with an inspirational quote about living in the moment. I aspire to be that person. But… I’m not.

This is a real-life blog about a 35-year old girl living the shit-show of a dream from one day to the next. Today’s dream: find a new job.

I have a job. I like it. In fact, I almost love it. Except for the management. I’ll never get ahead with the management that is in place there.

Finding another job in natural resources though when I have a degree in Occupational Therapy is the equivalent of shopping for jeans when you’re on day 2 of your period- both leave me feeling discouraged and wanting to drown my sorrows in a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (even if it’s rumored to cause tumors in laboratory rats because of the glyphosate in it- that’s a whole other post…).

So… here’s to winning the Powerball! I’m on my 22 day of work straight future-tripping about all the epic shit I’ll be able to do once I win. Like taking selfies while doing yoga on the top of mountain because… I’d no longer need to work! Until then… spoons up.

One thought on “08.22.2017

  1. I have aspirations of being able to blog on a regular basis…I only hope that I can make it work for me the way this works for you! You are so good with the words and shit!!! 😉


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